Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Revolution in the Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry came into existence around the mid-17th century with the invention of the first engine bearing the capability of being a medium of transport, it was the steam engine.
The later centuries led into the race to invent something more innovative that could make the transportation easier and more comfortable. This led to some successful and some very unsuccessful experiments on upgrading the level of transportation to something more powerful and efficient than a steam engine.
The centuries had witnessed some experiments which aimed at running combustive engines running on gas fuel consisting of various combustible gases like hydrogen, oxygen etc. Though the experiments failed a big time but they gave a way to other possibilities that could be harnessed.
So the 18th century marked the revolution in the history of automobile industry with the initialization of the modern technology based on engines utilizing gasoline or petrol as fuel.
Over the centuries, the automobile industry have improved in a lot of ways that could not have been imagined in the past. They look forward to improving it more and more.
As the competition has increased over the years, there had been a constant chase between companies to be the first choice of their customers. So this started a trend to provide more than just a car, leading to some surprising elements being our companion in our rides.
Yes, it did increased the cost of manufacturing of these cars, but it was worth and became a parameter of comparison between the manufacturing companies. This parameter helped these companies have some loyal customers to themselves which believed in the services and the quality provided by the company in the budget of the customer.
Now, companies have switched over to bank only on the certain level of customers like the BMW, Audi , they all follow a code to eye for the wealthy customers for which having a luxury car is a necessity. But gone are the days when such things were used to be true about these brands and their cars.
With the growing competition and the willingness of each and every customer to eye for the best when purchasing, have seriously opened gates for the people to grab and take home a masterpiece adding more than a medium of transportation to their lives.
All this have become possible with the automobile industry joining hands with the finance sector allies making it easier for everyone to have their dream car. Like the finance available on a BMW car or Audi finance  as it is commonly known for the finance on Audi cars. The finances available have eliminated the possibility of cost being a prime factor in making a decision on buying a car and have given a freedom to the automobile industry to explore and invent irrespective of the increase that may take place in the manufacturing cost of the product.
Though automobile industry seemed to have evolved over the centuries, but there is a lot of progress expected from this particular industry in the coming future.


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